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Q. How do I select the right photographer for my event?

  a.  Determine what is most important to you – price or Quality and Feel of the images.

Q. Should YOUR vision and expectations be important to the photographer?

a.  Yes, your photographer should be able to “paint a picture” of your vision based on a thorough consultation with you.

Q. Why use a Professional Photographer and not just anyone with a “camera”?

a.  Training, Experience, Equipment, Skill, only a Professional Photographer can provide these qualities and guarantee the output.

Q. Is it important to have a photography budget?

 a.  One of the most important budgets that you can have is your photography budget, the memories that you desire should have a reasonable budget associated with them, you get what you pay for, don’t plan to have your memories cheapened due to an inadequate budget.

Q. Is the location of your event important?

 a.  Very important, even crucial, the backdrop of your location can make or even destroy your images. Your location choice should receive forethought and design so that it will compliment or even enhance the memory of your event, destinations around the world should be considered if your budget and event lends to travel, stunning memories are created when the value of your location is not overlooked.
Your Photographer should be eager to educate you on the process of photography and provide valuable knowledge to help make your photographic experience wonderful and exciting.